Company profile: development and producing of high-quality medicines under semisolid pharmaceutical dosage forms.
Founding of the company:        February 15, 1999.
The number of employees:          170.
Product portfolio: over 100 products.
Export area: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Vietnam.
Location of production:

5 Crinilor Str., Porumbeni, Criuleni district,
Republic of Moldova, MD-4829
Tel.: (+373 22) 28-18-45, 28-18-46

About comany

Specialization of FARMAPRIM Company

FARMAPRIM is a pharmaceutical manufacturer of semi-solid dosage form, such as: suppositories, pessaries, ointments, gels and creams.
The modern manufacturing site of the company provides the extended range of manufactured products, as well as the possibility of continuous development of new products.

FARMAPRIM is the only manufacturer of suppositories from Moldova

Production in full compliance with the international GMP standards
2010 – Opening of the new plant with a covering area of 6000 m2 planned in compliance with the international GMP standards, situated in an ecologically pure environment. The facility is EU GMP approved. 2016 - the FARMAPRIM's quality management system received the accreditation according to the European Standard ISO 9001. 2021 - ISO 13485 - "Medical devices. Quality Management Systems" certification received. 2021 - accreditation according to the European Directive 93/42/EEC, with obtaining of CE Mark for the placing of medical devices on the European market. 2019 – implementation of the new system of product serialization and aggregation ensures the traceability over the entire product supply chain.
  • The new plant, endowed with high-techs made by well-known pharmaceutical industry producers, such as: Sarong, Marchesini Group, IMA, Sartorius, SOIMAR has the capacity to produce 63 million packages of drugs under different pharmaceutical dosage forms yearly.
  • The design and equipment of the clean rooms and the air processing system were executed by the famous Swiss company – CLESTRA HAUSERMAN, one of the world leaders in the field. According to the project, an environment with controlled climatic parameters is secured to the state-of the art production plant and depositing spaces (temperature, humidity, pressure, and nonviable particles).
  • A new concept that implies an ecologically friendly production unit (as a matter of emissions into air, soil and water) was developed and implemented by the company of FARMAPRIM for the first time in Moldova.
  • The new plant is equipped with a seven-layer warehouse with a total floor area of 1200m2, volume of 11247m3 and the ability to simultaneously placement up to 2200 euro pallets. An environment with controlled climatic parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure) is also provided in the warehouse.

Development of export markets

Development of export markets

The pharmaceutical company FARMAPRIM has a great and successful experience on the market of many CIS states. The success of the FARMAPRIM activity is due to high quality of manufacturing by observing at maximum the policy of competitive and accessible prices.



The first FARMAPRIM medication was registered in 2001 in Belarus. In 2003, the medications produced by FARMAPRIM are introduced on the Russian pharmaceutical market, while in 2004 they reach Central Asia - Uzbekistan and Kirgizstan. In 2006, the company registered and launched its products on the markets of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Year 2007 sees the registration of the first products brought to Ukraine and Georgia. Currently the medicines of FARMAPRIM Company are marketed in EU, CIS countries, as well as in Afirca and Asia.


  • Azerbaidjan
  • Armenia
  • Belorusia
  • European Union
  • Georgia
  • Kazahstan
  • Kârgâzstan
  • kuwaitKuwait
  • Libya
  • Moldova
  • mongoliaMongolia
  • myanmarMyanmar
  • philippinesPhilippines
  • Rusia
  • Somalia
  • Tadjikistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Ucraina
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vietnam

Product portfolio

FARMAPRIM displays a portfolio of over 100 products (suppositories, pessaries, creams, gels, liniments) that refer to different pharmacotherapeutic groups.

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The Pharmacovigilance Service within the company Farmaprim LTD collects data on the safety of medicines from patients and healthcare professionals, as well as from clinical studies and medical literature. The collected data is evaluated to be transmitted to the national competent authorities of the countries where the medicines of Farmaprim Company are marketed . The Pharmacovigilance Service continuously works on the better understanding of the safety profile of the drugs, ensuring a safer and more efficient treatment for the patient.

Adverse еvent note

To report a case of adverse event as well as for any question please contact us via the e-mail listed below

To simplify the process of reporting adverse reactions, we suggest that you use the Standardized Reported Form below:

On-Line Form

Pharmacovigilance in the Russian Federation

You can inform the manufacturer about all adverse reactions to FARMAPRIM’s medicinal product that have arisen on the territory of the Russian Federation:

- by filling out the reporting form about an undesirable reaction on the site:
- by sending information to e-mail:
- by calling the free round-the-clock phone: 8-800-777-8-604
- by sending a message via WhatsApp, Viber to the number: + 7-903-799-2-186

Our location

5 Crinilor Str., Porumbeni, Criuleni district, Republic of Moldova, MD-4829

Tel.: (+373 22) 28-18-45
  (+373 22) 28-18-46

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